Searching for the right business telecom solutions has become more and more difficult. With cloud based computing and a variety of VoIP systems at your disposal, finding the one that will best fit your business could take quite a bit of time and money. With OneStop Communications, we take the guess work out of finding the best T1 lines, hosted VoIP system, MPLS service  and other networking solutions that your business may or may not need.

OneStop Communications is a full service, independent communications consulting company offering a broad range of telecom solutions and innovative services at competitive prices. We find the best integrated telecom solutions and the best prices by negotiating with the large companies on your behalf.

For years, we have worked with vendors and telecommunications providers to give our clients the products they need to be successful. No one likes being sold a product they don’t need; with OneStop Communications, we only provide you with the most cost effective packages from the most reliable T1 internet providers in your area. We help bring everything together for a seamless, hassle free telecommunications experience. No matter what telephone or internet provider we help you choose, we will make it a pleasant, turnkey experience.

Our experienced consulting team can find the best telecommunication solutions for your business, all while saving you money. Whether you need to connect to the web through T1 lines, speed up your network with an MPLS service  or be in touch with customers through a hosted VoIP system, we have made staying connected much easier.

Imagine being guided through the whole process of ordering the optimal voice, Internet, data, & cabling for your organization from the best and most cost effective telecom providers, accomplishing all your telecommunications needs for a single location or all of your locations just by making one call. That is why OneStop Communications was founded. We make telecommunications painless and hassle free for business owners, CTO’s, CIO’s and anyone faced with making telecommunications decisions. At OneStop Communications we are experts in the latest technologies and understand how they impact real world business requirements. We also know who the best carriers are and how to achieve quality reliability while keeping costs down. The ability to communicate at the fast speed of business will determine an organization’s success.

We help manage your evolving telecom needs so that you can focus on your business!  You deserve a One Stop Communications experience and we are experts in delivering unbeatable results.  Voice/PRI Voice/Data Dynamic T1, 10 Meg 100 Meg 100 Meg Metro Ethernet/ MPLS, VPN, Network Diversity – these phrases are mere jargon if they do not deliver the results your business needs.  At OneStop Communications we focus on our customer and the benefits telecom technology gives them rather than the buzz of tech talk. Telecommunications should serve the goals of business, not the other way around.

We have years of experience working with incumbent telecom carriers like AT&T, Verizon as well as competitors like Windstream, Paetec, Earthlink Business and many more. Currently there are roughly 50 companies to choose from.  We help you navigate the decision making process by gathering competitive quotes and presenting them to you in an unbiased manner.  We never compromise quality; all the carriers we represent have world class networks with the 99.999% reliability that your company demands.

In many cases we bring cost savings of 30% to 60% to your financial bottom line and in many instances we can increase your operational capacity with faster internet & data connectivity and intelligent voice services while you pay less that what you paid before.

We achieve this by becoming experts in your industry’s needs, conducting thorough bill  and technology analyses, and carefully designing the correct solution for you.  Since we represent many different providers our loyalty is to you, not the telecom provider.

We, in essence, become your telecommunications division, and we will always be available for consultation.  Once the service is installed we will be there to help you with any service or support, including moves, adds, changes and any issues that you may experience.  Our clients call us directly because we know how to navigate the often complex issues that can arise.  We understand the billing, service and support mechanisms of all our providers so that you do not have to.  We know who to call, when to call, and how to expedite provider responses to urgent situations whenever they arise.  Make one call to us and we resolve the situation for you. We are truly OneStop Communications.

We offer our clients a “one-stop” experience for all of their telecommunications needs, including voice, Internet, and data.  From telephone services to telephone equipment, OneStop Communications helps you order, implement, and project manage all of your telecom needs.

With over 50+ years of combined experience in the telecom industry, we have seen many changes in our sector in both technology and price. From the start we saw that with such rapid changes, businesses needed help navigating the maze of telecommunications.  In order to offer you the best possible solutions, we aligned ourselves with multiple companies and T1 internet providers rather than just one. We also forged relationships and developed expertise in several industries, allowing us to offer a choice of services and providers, offering you the convenience of one-stop shopping. All you have to do is make one call to us – we handle the rest.

This concept affords us the ability to bring you, the customer, the best value and reliability available painlessly and with peace of mind for you.  In many cases our business telecom solutions and consultation are free of charge to you. We simply act as your “Buyers Agent.”  Please call us and request a free consultation.

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