OneStop Communications Vertical Market Expertise

By listening to our customers OneStop Communications has pioneered the telecommunications consulting industry and become the unparalleled expert in multiple industries.  OneStop is the premier choice and subject mater expert for several vertical markets because we specifically understand the needs of those industries and translate those needs into effective, real world telecommunications solutions.

WAN, T3, Metro Ethernet, Plain Old Telephone Service, MPLS, mobile strategy, T1 internet providers – all these words are meaningless unless they deliver a true business benefit within your operational budget.  OneStop Communications understands the vocabulary of the telecommunications industry, we have personal relationships with the top leaders of all the best telecommunications companies, and with this knowledge we are able to leverage and design the correct solution, putting your needs first, not the interests of any communications provider.  Our goal is to insure your technological efficiency and maximize technological relevance, allowing you to execute at the speed of business.

OneStop Communications focuses on the benefits and results that a connected organization can gain.  Our designs are strategic and support the overall telecommunications growth for our clients.  We fully understand how telecommunications technology can enhance and serve our client’s actions, not hinder or limit them.  We specialize in providing a scalable roadmap that is functional, effective, and hassle free, ensuring readiness for the rapid business growth that our telecommunications solutions promote.  By listening to our customer we have become experts in the telecommunications needs of their respective industries, and they know that after one call to us all things telecommunications will be taken care of for them.  Imagine being able to accomplish all your telecommunications strategies and executions with just one phone call.  OneStop Communications is a one stop telecommunications consulting and execution firm.

Listen>>> Consult>>> Execute>>> Support>>> Prosper

Property Management

OneStop Communications is an BOMA member and is actively involved in property management. Our large client base of property managers can attest to our ability to envision and execute innovative telecommunications solutions in a timely, hassle free manner.  Our property management clients have found that we are able to continuously offer our clients the highest level of telecommunications reliability at the most affordable prices.  We make continuous improvements throughout their telecommunications infrastructure, eliminating waste whenever possible.  With our awareness of the latest technological developments, we are able to keep our clients up to date on the potential benefits of innovation and aid in the implementation of appropriate technologies into their existing infrastructure.  From disaster preparedness to network route diversity, we consult with our clients about the best solutions for their properties on a location by location basis.  Throughout the years we have been able to consistently achieve between 30% to 50% savings on our clients’ existing telephone bills after our telecommunications and billing audits.  We often find orphaned lines and unnecessary telecom services of which controllers or staff are not aware, as well as arcane billing charges that should have been removed years ago.  Through our commitment to continuous improvement and the elimination of waste, we strive to make our property management clients’ lives easier and ensure that one call to our staff is the only action required to meet any need.  Our clients deserve to reap the benefits of telecommunications without the hassle of having to become telecom experts.


The One Stop Communications team has years of experience supporting key players in the medical industry.  With an attentive ear to our clients’ concerns, we have come to understand and feel the critical needs of the healthcare industry.  We know that we must give them the most reliable solutions because missing a phone call or having a loss of connectivity is a matter of life and death.  The medical communications industry is one of the world’s most rapidly evolving industries, and the demand for the ability to safely communicate is increasing exponentially with the onset of EMR, HIPAA enforcement, Healthcare Reform.  Our informed consultants make recommendations to ensure that your internet connectivity meets the required standards to avoid (PHI) breaches.  Ordering the right telecommunications technology can ensure long term success, compliance and prosperity.  For example, telecommunications and technology are revolutionizing Rural Medical Services, one of the fastest growing sectors in healthcare, and our solutions empower medical professionals to provide vital services to patients in remote locations while maintaining the highest levels of care.  Find out how your organization can start reaping the benefits of optimized telecommunications.


One Stop Communications  has a long history of helping county and government institutions achieve great results and maximize return on tax payer dollars.  In many occasions, after a full telecommunications technology audit, we have been able to achieve savings of up to 60% while augmenting operational capacity exponentially!  Many municipalities still utilize archaic communications standards that do not meet today’s requirements for connectivity.  After years of conducting audits, our most alarming and consistent finding has been that old technologies often have single points of failure.  Our consultants ensure integrated, fault tolerant communications infrastructures that meet the highest level of disaster preparedness and Homeland Defense Standards.  We understand the telecommunications products that help county & government organizations achieve Network Reliability and Interoperability.  Our local county first responders must be able to communicate readily, and we consult and execute the best methods for achieving this.  Redundacy, network diversity 99.999%,  reliability, MPLS – these are more than words to us. They are they are OneStop Communications’ area of expertise and passion.  We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of communications for government institutions, and in a Post 9/11 world, society can accept nothing less.