Access Point Inc.

Local Services

Access Point Inc. offers all of the local services you’d expect like POTS, ISDN-PRI, ISDN-BRI, Centrex, virtual PBX trunks and more. Customize your service with special area rates and per-line features like hunting, call forwarding, 3-way calling, voicemail, VoIP, and more.

Long Distance Services

Interstate, intrastate, intraLATA, international, toll-free…we work with industry leaders to provide the backbone for our reliable, low-cost Long Distance services.

Business Packages

Our business packages of combined local and long distance services, custom features, and flexible rate plans help you simplify and reduce your telecommunications expenses.

Voice over IP

Our business-grade Voice over IP service offers a robust enterprise voice solution that can replace costly PBX or Centrex. Make the jump to Internet Protocol (IP) and improve your company’s communication capabilities and control while taking advantage of significant cost savings!

Integrated Access

Integrated Access offers a T-1 solution with customizable bandwidth, unlimited local calling, and as few as 6 lines. This service combines local, Long Distance, and Internet into one low-cost solution.

Managed Services

With multiple locations, there is one thing that all of them need: a way to maintain fast, secure and reliable communications. Access Point Inc. offers the data services you need to connect your networks together and to the world.

Internet Services

Our high-speed internet access solutions include T-1 and DSL. We also provide several flavors of web hosting to get your business online.

Conference Services

Save time and money with TelePoint audio conferencing, or use ViewPoint and WebPoint to enhance your conference calls with video or web access to documents.