Heritage Property Management

Heritage Property Management is one of the Southeast’s largest community association management companies. Gavin A. Cobb has worked with OneStop Communications for more than five years. OneStop Communications assisted Heritage Property Management with their internal telecommunication needs and the needs of their clients. They have over 1000 lines to date.

-Gavin A. Cobb, CPA, President & CEO of Heritage Property Management

Macon Community Services Board

At OneStop Communications we look forward to assisting our county and government with selecting the best technology at the best value. MPLS networks are a critical technology that creates the best disaster preparedness for a post-9/11 world. MPLS creates a fully meshed communication network. It is the ideal environment to support VoIP technology. If you are a government agency you cant afford not to engage us.

Pinnacle Orthopaedics

Pinnacle Orthopaedics is one of Atlanta’s leading orthopedic practices with 10 locations and still growing. OneStop helped Pinnacle Orthopaedics maintain the highest levels of telecommunications services while saving money on a monthly basis. This is what Mindy Spain had to say about her experience with OneStop Communications:

-Mindy Spain, Administrative Services Manager, Pinnacle Orthopaedics

Fulton Communications

The President and CEO of Fulton Communications, Ben Treadway, is one of the largest MITEL dealers in the country and the largest dealer in the Southeast. Fulton Communications partnered with OneStop Communications to help customers by providing a painless and hassle free one stop experience that is unparalleled in the industry. Here is what Ben had to say about his experience working with Teddy Mathis and OneStop Communications:

-Ben Treadway, President & CEO, Fulton Communications

Southern Heart Specialists

OneStop Communications has worked with our customers for a long time ensuring they always have the best technology at the best price. We understand the demands the medical industry faces and customers like Southern Heart honor us with their business. Review the video to see what Southern Heart Specialists had to say about OSC:

Southern Orthopaedic Specialists

Southern Orthopaedics’ growth rate has been truly exceptional and the technology behind this impressive company is also exceptional. OneStop Communications had the great honor of helping Howard Hirth with his company’s growth. Medical practices must have the highest levels of reliability, redundancy and network diversity. Here is what Howard had to say about his experience with OneStop Communications:

-Howard Hirth, Network Administrator, Southern Orthopaedic Specialists

Classic Cadillac of Atlanta

Lynn Forte is the controller at Classic Cadillac of Atlanta. She trusted OneStop Communications to help the company with their telecommunications and after a thorough bill analysis, OneStop Communications was able to redesign and recommend the perfect solution. This is what Lynn Forte had to say:

-Lynn Forte, Controller, Classic Cadillac of Atlanta

Featured Testimonials

Lauren Whitlock, Vice President & Sr. General Manager, RPO Property Management, LLC

Teddy Mathis is well known within the Commercial Real Estate Industry specifically among Office Property Managers for providing excellent service to his clients and saving them time and money. He is truly a one-stop shop.

Charles Penny, General Manager, CBRE Asset Services, Centennial Tower

We just completed a major renovation project at 101 Marietta Street a 36 story high-rise multi-tenant office building in Downtown Atlanta. The renovations consisted of the buildings main lobby, creating a new shared conference/training center and Fitness center. The renovated areas required 14 cable TV converters and to provide public Wi-Fi to two large areas. OneStop Communications helped me source everything we needed and personally oversaw the installation of the equipment ensuring all of the systems were up and running on time. I can't thank Teddy Mathis and his entire team enough on their professionalism, responsiveness and commitment to my project. Without Teddy's help I would have missed delivering these projects on time. Again, there is no way I could have achieved this without Teddy's help, he made it his mission to help me get this done. As the General Manager of 101 Marietta I will recommend OneStop Communications to any new tenants as well as any existing tenants when they need any telecommunication help.

Sarah Beckom, Atlanta Property Group:

Teddy Mathis and the One Stop Communications team were critical in transitioning from one telecom provider to another. During the process, they were always available when we needed assistance. Teddy has been great in helping with all other issues as well which is why he is my go to for complicated telephone and internet issues.


Kim F. Rodriguez, Admin/Research Associate, Haney/Lowderman – The Wetrich Group, SCO:

A few months back we opened a new office in Alpharetta and started from the ground up with our telecommunications… OneStop was referred to us by our property manager.  Teddy Mathis met with us at our new location, listened to our needs and addressed them immediately.  We have been very pleased with Teddy’s professionalism, his sense of urgency, excellent customer service and making an overall easy transition in a new office environment.  Thank you Teddy Mathis and OneStop Communication…we are happy to do business with you.

Beverly Robbs, Property Management, Southeast Region TRANSWESTERN:

I initially didn’t know about OneStop Communications. Teddy came highly recommended from another property manager. I didn’t even know where to start with replacing the “prehistoric” phones that we had, which I would bet came from the set of Mad Men! As well, I needed to ensure the phone lines would not be interrupted. Teddy took care of everything with my old provider and assured me that the transition would be smooth. He was very professional and accommodating and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend his services as well.

Veronica Rush, CPM, RPA, FMA Senior Property Manager, The Simpson Organization:

Teddy Mathis comes through again!  I worked with Teddy while employed with another company and was thoroughly impressed with his quick response and best prices. About a year and a half ago, I took over the management of a mid-rise building in Midtown that was newly acquired. It didn’t take us long to transfer contracts into the new entity name…with the exception of one carrier....it was frustrating to not have an advocate to help us out. There was a total lack of customer service.

It was shortly thereafter that Teddy contacted me via LinkedIn.  This brought a smile to my face remembering how efficient he was in the past. I told Teddy of my predicament, and he immediately went to work on resolving the problem. He followed through with each department until the process was completed. This speaks volumes to me. I appreciate OneStop and Teddy Mathis!  This is customer service at its best!

Garth Z. Peters, Executive VP, Buckhead Coalition, Inc:

I can't applaud the ‘Windstream’ and ‘OneStop’ teams enough for all the professional and thorough assistance you gave us yesterday [including all the preliminary work prior]. I truly cannot recall an equivalent high standard of customer service and execution from any other vendor.

The attention to detail, the teams excellent communication between each other, and everyone knowing what the others responsibilities were was really impressive. And during the execution, each of those individuals getting down specifically to the task assigned them... through to its successful completion. To add names to those team members were people like you Teddy, plus Darrell, Rhonda, Russ, Eric, Carl, Karen, Nick, Lovetta, James [from AT&T], and Shannon.

For anyone that I might have missed mentioning in this email, please convey our congratulations on a job well done, and a hearty thank you for the great technical and, customer service!

Mary Gribble, Office Manager, Development, Prestwick Companies:

"We were so pleased to meet Teddy and find in OneStop Communications, a company that could provide a seamless solution to our office telecommunication needs. Teddy did a great job explaining the process, the costs, and getting all of the various aspects of the project coordinated. I want to put in a good word for Darrell too. He handles all of the technical/electrical side of installation, and he does a tremendous job. He excels where some have failed. Teddy and Darrell are experienced professionals that you can count on. OneStop Communications is a reliable partner in the telecommunications aspect of our business."

Karlton Holston, General Manager, Carter:

"I have partnered with Teddy Mathis and OneStop Communications for over 5 years and they have provided exceptional service and savings each time. I have utilized their services at a number of properties and they have always been able to generate immediate savings for my buildings and tenants. The best part of the partnership with OneStop Communications is their availability and responsiveness for any issue or question."

Chrys Martin-Prichard, Associate Broker, Community Association Manager, Community Management Associates:

"Teddy and Donna of OneStop have been great to work with...very responsive and quick to get matters resolved. I know it will just take one phone call for my phone issues to be addressed."

Joy Turnipseed, Senior Property Manager, Condominium Concepts Management, Inc.:

"The first time I worked with OneStop Communications, I asked Teddy Mathis to help me with a telephone nightmare that I tried to work through with AT&T for months. Teddy started at 10:00 a.m., checking lines and verifying information, and then he called AT&T. He worked through every line and every issue with AT&T until 2:30 that afternoon, non-stop, speaking with 6 different reps to get it all handled.

It was a long process but Teddy did an awesome job. He ‘spoke their language’ and was able to cut through the red tape, sales gimmicks, etc. and get answers. In the process, he saved me a lot of money. I highly recommend OneStop Communications."

Gavin A. Cobb, CPA, President & CEO of Heritage Property Management:

“I highly recommend Teddy and OneStop Communications." OneStop saved Heritage Property Management “on average, about 25 to 30 percent per month on telecommunication needs.”

Valerie Proctor, Assistant Property Manager, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank:

“I generally work with Teddy Mathis at OneStop Communications; he has an excellent telecommunication skills and knowledge. Working with OneStop Communications, I have generated thousands in cost savings for multiple locations reducing overall operating cost, saving both Landlords and Tenants money.”

Allison Copenhaver, Director of Transition Services, Heritage Property Management Services, Inc:

“All I can say is how wonderful it is to work with Teddy Mathis and his team! You guys are very prompt to our contract requests and I find that it is an enjoyable experience each and every time.”

Kami Alford, CFO, Marietta Dermatology & The Skin Cancer Center:

“Teddy Mathis and OneStop Communications were instrumental in easing the pain of transitioning from one phone/internet provider to another. He is always available when we need assistance with our system and is great at getting all of our issues resolved in a timely manner.”

Tamala Ballard, Executive Assistant, Oliver McMillan:

“I have been thoroughly impressed with One Stop Communication; their customer service is a rarity. Rather it’s one service request or 10, I am consistently valued and treated with the highest level of service.”

Melissa Runyan, Community Association Manager, FirstService Residential:

"I am so pleased with OneStop Communications and Teddy Mathis. He responds promptly whenever I need him. The prices cannot compare to any other phone company. I would highly recommend OneStop and Teddy to my fellow managers and have done so.


Amy Caulder, Administrative Manager, Terminus the Place:

“OneStop Communications has been an amazing company to work with so far. Teddy and his team go above and beyond to help out and are always there when we call. They have handled everything with ease and have even found solutions to save us money.”

Annette Sullivan, Chief Financial Officer, Urban League of Greater Atlanta:

"The Urban League of Greater Atlanta could not have completed its office relocation without the partnership and services provided by OneStop Communications. After contracting with OneStop, they were professional, reliable, and responsive from start to finish."